What are e-wallets and what are the benefits?



For those looking for a secure and traceable payment method, e-wallets are the ideal and proven option.  This is a real trend: the use of e-wallets, also accessible from smartphones, is the choice of many users who are looking for a convenient, fast and secure payment method.


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What is an electronic wallet?

An e-wallet is a tool that stores your card details, be it bank, credit, debit, or prepaid accounts.  A free account is created with the owner's email address to make payments without having to share sensitive data that could be stolen by attackers.

How do you pay?


The consumer must authenticate himself by entering his email address and password.  Some ask for more detailed information.  All account information is stored in the e-wallet in a highly secure context.  Using e-wallets, you can also pay conveniently from your smartphone: money transfers are managed by special applications that require user authentication by entering a password.

Benefits of using it

Many platforms use an e-wallet, a secure online payment method.  Electronic wallets are used in many areas.  The example applies to entertainment sites such as casinos and sweepstakes.  New online casinos are now secure and reliable platforms, equipped with https and SSL protocols for cryptography of data exchanged between the operator and the user, and equipped with a regular ADM license.


The use of an e-wallet on online gaming sites provides an additional layer of protection.  Your bank details no longer need to be entered.  Simply log in to your digital wallet service provider for secure payment.  This secure and hacker-proof payment method is also very suitable for e-commerce purchases: transactions will be blocked and inaccessible.


Another benefit of using a virtual wallet is the speed of the method.  The use of mobile devices makes the payment process really quick and easy.  In addition, you can have an accurate and detailed account of your expenses.  In fact, it often happens that at the end of the day you go home with an empty wallet.  What were your purchases that day?  In which stores were the purchases made?  The e-wallet tells everything: numbers, days and places where the money was spent.


An e-wallet is an innovative means of payment without the need to provide the merchant with their bank details.  Protection and security of personal information, speed and simplicity in transactions and the ability to account for all expenses are the advantages of a method that is increasingly used.